Introducing the Avatar Motorcoach Reservation System!

The casino business is very competitive. You need an edge and the new Avatar Motorcoach Reservation System can deliver real results and growth by automating many aspects of your Motorcoach and Group Sales operations.

The Avatar Motorcoach Reservation System Can:

  • Improve your trip scheduling.
  • Increase your bus and patron traffic.
  • Allow your staff to focus on what really matters: your patrons!
  • Generate more revenue every time a bus or group arrives at your casino.

The Avatar Motorcoach Reservation System Features:

  • Detailed Databases for Tour Operators, Bus Companies, Groups, and Group Leaders.
  • Complete Trip and Reservation Management with flexible scheduling.
  • Manage Charter, Line Run, and Multi-day trips.
  • Manage Company Incentives and Commissions.
  • Patron Tracking via Wireless handheld devices.
  • Integration with existing Patron Management Systems for instant rewards on player accounts.
  • Reporting on all aspects of your Motorcoach and Group Sales operations – find out what is working for your casino – and what isn’t.

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